Minnick Appraisal Service



Types of Appraisals

Charitable donation appraisals are used to determine the appropriate amount for Federal tax deductions. Minnick Appraisal Service prepares appraisals in accordance with requirements of the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Regulations, including IRS Form 8283.

Estate appraisals aid the executor, accountant and attorney to determine tax on the taxable estate. Minnick Appraisal Service prepares estate appraisals in accordance with Federal Treasury Regulations and Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Insurance appraisals help the client determine the correct coverage to carry on personal property policies to protect against fire, theft or other disasters. Insurance appraisals include written descriptions and photographs which facilitate claim settlements by providing detailed inventories and itemized replacement costs.

Equitable distribution appraisals assign appropriate values to ensure fair division of property in divorces and business dissolutions.

Resale appraisals are appropriate for those who sell personal property in the wholesale market. This type of appraisal estimates the appropriate market valuation for property used by wholesalers selling to the trade as well as dealers buying for resale to the public.

Damage and Moving Claim appraisals determine replacement costs for claims settlements with moving or shipping companies. Minnick Appraisal Service works for moving companies as well as claimants.

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