Minnick Appraisal Service



Cost of an appraisal

Minnick Appraisal Service prefers to bid jobs. Margaret Minnick can estimate fees at the initial meeting. Every client deserves excellent service for a reasonable fee and a strict hourly rate does not fit every circumstance.

The scope of the job depends on the purpose and function of the appraisal. Obviously, all appraisals require time to prepare. Items need to be inspected, photographed and researched, and the report takes time to compile. The goal of Minnick Appraisal Service is to deliver a superior product for a fair and expected fee.

Minnick Appraisal Service has never surrendered an invoice to a collection agency in order to be paid. In fact, our experience with clients is exactly the opposite. We have a large and proud collection of "thank you" notes from clients who are pleased with our service. We would like to continue that record with our current and future work.

Please do not hesitate to email (mminnick@minnick.org) or telephone 206.275.2518 with your questions. No one benefits from the shock of an unexpected bill.

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